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Knowledge, dialogue and international


"It 's got the time that the vocation of women must be done in its fullness, the hour in which women acquire influence in the world, a weight, a power never achieved until now. Therefore, in this moment humanity experienced a change so profound women full of the spirit of the Gospel can help a lot because humanity does not lapse "

John Paul II

Women will never be free unless they are true to their feminine nature.

Jaan Haaland Matlary


The Institute of Higher Studies on Women Founded in 2003, is an academic institution operating within the international education and research that has as its goal the study and analysis of issues related to women and its presence in the anthropological society on the assumption that by its nature creates a woman and transmit culture.


The woman,   like man, is an individual in which different dimensions are juxtaposed but not integrated into one unit. On this foundation of human primordial anthropological research is based and the study of various areas that the woman protagonist.

The genius of women is necessary in all expressions of personal and social life: is with this conviction that the Institute promotes and supports a new concept of feminism to defend women's rights without destroying its particular values, and celebrates the great and essential femininity brings wealth to build a society of love.    


The Institute's mission is to promote and defend a correct view of femininity and high dignity of womanhood, and to provide an intellectual, human, and to increase social presence and influence of women in society, recognizing their invaluable contribution to the humanization of the world.


The Institute collaborates with a network of educational institutions internationally (Italy, Mexico, United States, Spain, Chile). The international comparison is one of the underlying objectives of the Institute, to offer a more constructive and comprehensive discussion in the debate on the fundamental contribution of women in all spheres of social, political and economic, increasingly necessary in a globalized society.


The Institute supports the commitment, the role and potential of women in economic and social world through a rigorous training specialist and human. Pursues its mission by articulating its activities in several areas of action:

  •   Academic
  • Scope of research
  • Socio-cultural
  • Transmission and distribution
  • Scope of business advisory



The academic consists of a Centre for Studies and Documentation on Women and the organization and offering post-graduate courses (Masters, interdisciplinary courses abroad, etc.), in collaboration with the Pontifical University Regina Apostolorum and with the European University of Rome, and with the University Network Partners International.

  • Centre for Studies and Documentation on Women

The Study Center has as its main aim is to offer a collection of books and documentation of studies and publications on the female. Research and volumes are divided by areas of interest in anthropology, philosophy, history, law. The study specifically address the woman as "humanizing" of society. On this basis the publications address the study of women's identity and its influence in the family and society.

  •   Postgraduate Education

The post-graduate training offered by the Institute of Higher Studies on Women, provides specialized courses on the various problems inherent in the feminine in an interdisciplinary perspective, challenging and innovative.

Knowledge about women, its identity and its situation in various social and cultural, are always focused to provide an accurate analysis of several contemporary problems as they arise in the study of science and philosophy, and through an international approach.

We provide theoretical foundations to analyze the cultural foundations and elements of differentiation of ideologies that feed the various claims with field study techniques and methods of observation.

Educational opportunities:

  1. Master

  2. Postgraduate courses

  3. Seminar

  4.   International Courses


Field of Search

The research is especially relevant in a society where much still needs to be done to improve the welfare and quality of life of women and family with them. Focus on what are the critical issues and propose possible solutions that could help women to better address the new challenges of today's world in any field that sees them involved, are the main objectives of the research that suggests the Institute. analyze the specific contribution they can offer women in overcoming the structural barriers to full implementation, is the founding principle of the research dell'ISSD.

Socio-Cultural context

The Institute promotes meetings with representatives from the world of culture to analyze the way in which the woman contributes to the spread of culture in its deepest meaning, such as improvement of human nature, and with it human values and rules of conduct and aims to stimulate opportunities for reflection and exchange of ideas for a significant improvement of women. The main initiatives that the Institute achieved in this area are:

  • National Meetings
  • International Congresses
  • Awards

Transmission and distribution

Through its publications, the Institute disseminates and disclose its specific way of thinking in society. Are published annually content of its main activities: the acts of Congress of the survey results, the publication of manuals of course.

Scope of business advisory

The Institute draws on the training needs of business solutions in terms of promotion of professional women and conciliation of family life and working time, through continuous research content and innovative teaching methods.

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